Eliminating Application Attack Surfaces

FitStack is helping companies to address the risk in today's software supply chain. We support our customer's cloud-native applications or on-prem environments. To safeguard organizations from these exposures, the FitStack solution continuously removes unnecessary application dependencies and vulnerabilities from your Docker container environments. Customers can reduce risk, improve build/development performance and lower container costs all at once!

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The Problem we are facing

As business pressures increase, managing enterprise risk becomes a greater challenge. The sheer complexity of today's environments and the amount of data generated exacerbates this problem. With the increased use of open source, the influx of vulnerabilities, and the limited security resources today's development productivity is severely impacted. Application development organizations need help. It is essential for development teams to gain control, limit exposure and reduce overall risk. This is where FitStack can help!

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Container Optimization as a Service...ContainerFit

With ContainerFit, you can rest assured that the delivery of your applications will be secure and efficient. Our solution is helping organizations in four ways:

  1. Reducing application attack surfaces
  2. Eliminating vulnerabilities
  3. Improve build/deploy development performance
  4. Significantly reducing cloud application OpEx.

FitStack has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline for maximum efficiency. By lowering the attack surfaces of applications, revealing vulnerabilities, and generating compliance reports, we safeguard organizations against malicious events and provide the necessary insights to run their business effectively.

The ContainerFit Process

Reduce Applications Risk

Using open source technology is critical to the success of millions of organizations and it allows us to streamline the development process bringing innovation faster to market.  With this speed often comes vulnerabilities that can put your applications at risk. With ContainerFit we embrace the use of open source in a safe and secure way. Why settle when you can use open source and reduce risk, deploy faster, and lower cost all at once!

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Improve Performance

We take the guesswork out of container optimization. By eliminating the unneeded dependencies we are reducing your application's attack surface which provides you with a smaller more efficient container image.  This allows you to improve your build and deploy performance in support of the application and optimizes your overall container environment.

Lower Cloud Container OpEx

Use what you need! Today's base images come with a lot of extra dependencies (bloat) many of which you might not need for your applications.  These dependencies add up quickly both in risk and expense.  As you build on these images over time cloud container image size and cost can grow.  With ContainerFit we will continuously understand and learn how your containers are used and actively reduce that image size down to just the required artifacts needed.  This makes a significant impact on your cloud container costs and ensures ongoing cost optimization.

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Ensuring Application Run Time

Our rigorous testing and validation process allows ContainerFit to build a complete knowledge base of how your containers are used by your applications. The ability to use the customer's test coverage, our own manual testing, and real-time understanding ensure that nothing is missed. ContainerFit allows you to control the power of optimizing your environment. By running in a passive or active mode we provide instructions on what to remove or automatically do the work for you.  Granular controls are also available to fine-tune your implementation to exclude any unique artifacts that need to be protected.  Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience that allows you to save time, money, and effort in managing your container environment.

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